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What is Inspection?


It is carried out before the testing and the installation is normally disconnected from the supply. The point of inspection is to verify that the installed equipment:


  • Complies with relevant standards – this is normally a mark of certification by the installer or manufacturer

  • Is the correct type and installed in accordance to the Regulations

  • Not damaged or defective which would cause a safety issue


The Inspection includes the checking of several items which are relevant to the installation. The checking can also take place, if necessary, during installation. The items checked are listed in Regulation 611.3 'Inspection' BS7671.

Testing & Inspections | Edison Electrical

What is Testing?


It is important that testing is carried out using the correct equipment and methods and the results are compared with relevant criteria contained in Regulations 612.2 to 612.13

Testing also needs to be carried out in a specific order before the installation can be switched on. The test order is detailed in Regulations 612.2 to 612.6

If any part of the testing fails to comply, that test plus any other testing already carried out has to be repeated once the fault has been fixed. This is because the results of the tests may not be accurate and may have been influenced by the fault.

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