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Electrical Rewiring | Electrician in Brighouse, Halifax, Heptonstall


Is Your Electrical System Up to Date?

At Edison Electrical, we understand the importance of a safe and reliable electrical system for your home. That's why we specialise in both full and partial rewires, ensuring your electrical infrastructure meets current safety standards and efficiently powers your needs.

Why Might You Need a Rewire?

Electrical installations, like all things, deteriorate over time. Wires can become brittle, insulation can crack, and outdated components can struggle to handle modern demands. This can lead to a number of issues, including:

  • Electrical Safety Hazards: Faulty wiring poses a serious risk of electrical fires and shocks.

  • Reduced Efficiency: Older systems may not be as efficient as newer ones, leading to higher energy bills.

  • Lack of power: Outdated systems may not have the capacity to handle the increased power demands of modern appliances and technology.

  • Tripping fuses or breakers: This can be a sign of an overloaded system that needs an upgrade.

  • Flickering lights: This can be caused by loose connections or faulty wiring.

Full Rewire vs. Partial Rewire: Which is Right for You?

The decision between a full or partial rewire depends on the specific condition of your existing electrical system. Here's a breakdown to help you decide:

  • Full Rewire: A full rewire involves replacing all the wiring in your property, from the consumer unit to the sockets, switches, and light fittings. This is the most comprehensive option and is typically recommended for older properties with extensive deterioration, fire or flood damage, or when significant changes are being made to the property layout.

  • Partial Rewire: A partial rewire involves replacing specific sections of wiring, such as those in a particular room or extension. This may be suitable if the problems are isolated to certain areas or if a full rewire isn't feasible due to budget constraints.

Full & Partial Rewires _ Edison Electric

Benefits of Choosing Edison Electrical for Your Rewire!

  • Experienced and qualified electricians: Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of rewiring, ensuring a safe and efficient job.

  • Free, no-obligation quotes: We'll assess your needs and provide a transparent quote before any work begins.

  • Minimal disruption: We understand the importance of minimising disruption during a rewire. Our team is efficient and works hard to complete the job as quickly as possible, often finishing both first and second fix within a single day (depending on the size of the property).

  • Compliance with regulations: All our work adheres to the latest electrical safety regulations, giving you peace of mind.

Don't wait until you experience electrical problems. Take control of the safety and efficiency of your property with a full or partial rewire from Edison Electrical. Contact us today on 01706 599 303 or click the link below for a free quote.

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