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Electrical Contractors in the North West | Edison Electrical


Our upgrading services include:

  • Smart Home Installations

  • Surge Protection

  • Spot Light Installations

  • Extra Circuits and Socket Outlets

  • Loft Power and Lighting

  • Security and External Lighting

  • External Power

  • Security Alarms

Edison Electrical | Electricians in Calderdale

The consumer unit and distribution board are designed to accomplish the same whether in a domestic, commercial, or industrial environment. It is there as a means of fault protection to not only protect the wiring and circuit but to also prevent the user or machinery from shock or overload.

We at Edison Electrical can survey any existing premises installation and advise on the best way to increase the safety and use of your installation by upgrading the Consumer unit / Distribution board or the protective devices inside them.

It is also now part of the new 18th edition wiring regulations BS7671 to add in Surge protection to prevent the damage of electrical and electronic equipment such as TV's, laptop's, EPOS etc. We can incorporate this into the upgrades or add this in alongside an existing installation.

To discuss upgrading your electrical systems, get in touch today on 01706 599 303 or click the link below to get your FREE quote.

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